Updates from October 2012

by Devo

Biblioteca Libre (the library)

  • It’s closed. BUT, only because we have some awesome students from the National University in the career of library sciences who are helping us out to rearrange the books and create a catalog.

Working in the library

  • Devin Glick, radio star. That’s right, I have a new radio show, called Biblioteca Viva, on every Saturday morning. It aims to promote reading through storytelling, interviews with readers, and well, we’ll see what else is in store! The first program went successfully; find out for yourself by listening here: http://snd.sc/YJntnv. You can listen to Radio Libre live from home at any time through this website: www.radiolibre.com.py; and all new information will be updated on the library’s Facebook page, here: goo.gl/TKoCf.

First program of Biblioteca Viva

Volunteer Network

  • National Conference. Our big yearly event is just over a week away, which means I’ve been busy today calling companies for chipa donations.
  • Beach party. The other organization in the volunteer network is based in the south of Paraguay, in Encarnación. They held a festival on the beach in the beginning of October that went quite well (if only the wind would have stopped trying to blow everything away). That’s right, Paraguay, a landlocked country, has a beach. Of course you have to expand your idea of a beach a bit, but there’s sand and water, and it made for a fun weekend.

It’s a Paraguayan beach!

  • I just have to mention, this is a great group of people. They are hard-working, care a great deal about what they do, and best of all, instant friends for me.

Some members of the Volunteer network

Site Presentation

  • Within the first three months in site, every volunteer gets a “Site Presentation”, where your Peace Corps boss comes to your community to explain what it is Peace Corps exactly does. Mine was probably the first to ever be broadcast on the radio. Everything went smoothly, and now whatever random listeners in town know that I’m not allowed to ride on a motorcycle.

Site Presentation on the radio


  • Since this post happens to be coming out the day after election day: Yes, I did vote, all the way from Paraguay. I watched the election coverage from the Paraguayan-American Cultural Center with other Peace Corps Volunteers. I stayed up until I knew the winner, and there was lots of wonderful news to find out about in the morning as well.