Site Placement

by Devo

Today I found out where I’ll be living for the next two years!

Before we could find out, we spent a day in Asunción seeing the tourist sights and relaxing (or at least trying to take our minds off of the big surprise ahead). In order to make you feel the anxious pain of waiting like we did, I’m going to show you my touristy Asunción pictures before you can find out my site.

In front of the cathedral

Emily eyeing some ñandutí

Eating chipa guazu and other Paraguayan specialties at Lido Bar

OK! So then we get back to the training center, and I am placed in. . .



Fernando de la Mora is an urban city of 200,000 people right next to Asunción, I’m thinking that this would be Brooklyn if Asunción were New York City (which it most certainly is not). It is chopped in half by the highway, and my site is the southern part.

My primary work will be with Fundación Libre, a non-profit working to promote culture, art, and reading in Paraguay, and La Red de Voluntariado: “Somos Voluntarios por un Paraguay Mejor!”, a network of youth that promotes volunteerism.

I know little else – I have not even finished reading the packet of information they gave to us about the site and work – so I’ll leave the topic for now and we can all find out together what my future holds in store for me. I’ll be visiting my site from Saturday to Wednesday, so I’ll have a much better idea then what my life will look like as a Peace Corps Volunteer.